Loud and Beautiful

New resolutions are always unsuccessful, but this year 2017, I thought I will give it a shot  so i came up with four things and one among them was to travel to a new place, because i always wanted to be a traveller, explore a new place,try a new cuisine, know about their life and culture, these things actually fascinates me. And this year for a change my resolutions just got real , and i travelled to Mumbai. Although i have been to this  place earlier when i was still a kid, now things are different, its through the lens of a 24-year-old.

Mumbai the “City of lights” I would say always bright and loud, I could not find even a single place which was silent, although I din go to the library(just joking). The whole experience was different, every single corner of the place has a story, and people were very busy, some are happy, some are furious mixed emotions everywhere. It’s always crowded with people around the clock,running or fighting their own life battles. Each buildings and each structure has a  message to say, it’s the city where people from all strands of life live in almost same areas, and its such a structure of the building that differentiates them. i have always heard the rickshawala are friendly and that was true  and compare to my place they were very cost-effective, in fact cheap, i wonder how they run their families ?. I stayed there for nine days  and i am sure i din explore all the places but i did go to a few, and guess what my main target was ? food. I started off my journey from the streets, and the first thing is Paani puri, i have had them in places and i am not a great fan of paani puri but this was exceptional, i loved it, i liked the fact that it was so soft and crispy and how it melts in your mouth. And tried a street ice cream which was like wow, but if you are hygiene person i am sorry about that, just don’t go near it.  And we went to few restaurants in upcoming days tried different flavour of ice creams, waffles,shakes and food in all the size and shape.It was mouth-watering and absolutely delicious.

Apart from food the next stop was Gateway of India, I did go to that now tourist spot. Like the pictures in the google and in the movies it was an epic structure. The best part of that day was that we took a boat journey from there, and in middle the rain started pouring down with lighting and thunderstorm and we were all stranded  in the middle of the sea. But finally somehow we manged to reach the shore,all thanks to the person who drove the boat. Last but not at all the least Marine drive, I went during the day and night  it was a one amazing structure ever made , it is apparently called as the Queen’s Necklace  because in the night it resembles the pearls in the string of the necklace with those lights and the sea in the middle and the rains it was a lovely  and a very romantic place. If you are in Mumbai and if you like to propose to someone, that is the spot, I am not sure about the rain,choose the right time and its all yours.

I prefer to call it Mumbai than Bombay, sounds heroic that way. It was one hell of a place, and  beautiful nine days in the year. Everything was different for me,place , people  “loud” is not my thing, but i enjoyed it. And Now maybe should give it a second thought, All thanks to my sister if not for her, I would Not have gone. Thank you love.





In a merry land,

Between the sky and the sea. 

Amid the mountains and trees, 

I stood. Across a mighty river,

Lost between dreams and reality. 

Those eyes of mine rejoiced to the beauty of nature, 

The ears amazed to the rhythm of the flowing river, just like one from the symphony,

And the body shivered to the coldness of the evening breeze

As,the mind travelled through the memories,

The fragrance of the past, left me in a trance;

Deep within the mighty heart, the soul whispered – “I will be there for you”.

Few Good Souls.

“Terrorist attack, 3 soldiers dead” this is just a routine headlines in newspapers and television screens now a days. We read it just like another story and we ignore. Of-course we cannot do anything. But thanks to them since we are alive to read their stories in some newspapers with a coffee mug. We are busy with life, to make money, to raise the standard of living,very protective about family and children, and these news are just random headline  which happened somewhere to someone,after all  why should we bother ? But the point is why should they ? If these Jawans or the officers of the army  had the same mind-set like some of us, “Why bother ?” I am sure,we would have been in a coffin by now, or burnt alive.

I don’t know if it’s the movie which I saw, but i think being in the army,serving the country is the noblest think one can do. To be very honest i am not a generous person, i think 101 times to give away thing which i own, even the little things it matter a lot to me. So for a person like me serving the country, being in life or death situation always, is like great.salute to them.I do not know anyone who actually works in an Indian army, but if at all if i come across one person i would like to ask ” How is it possible for you, to not be selfish” ?

This world is becoming worse each and every day,minute and second, with the amount of crimes against women or anything for that matter , killings, Globalisation, the political front everything. We are slowly moving into a dark age. And if there is anything good about this world is these good human beings or people like them who work selflessly for a better world of peace and prosperity.  I bow down with respect to you all, for keeping us alive.

Thank you.


Tricky yet Young!

How old are you ? Well, it is not a common question unless it serves a purpose normally for admissions, or just general forms which we fill to get something, may be a voters ID, or to join some vocational classes which has age limits.Age is a crucial factor in our lives, sometimes we do miss somethings in our lives,may be we are too late when we realise, just like some grandparents who would like to have some thing sweet or may be just to go on an  adventure,age becomes a barrier. Likewise mid -20 is very an interesting phase which everyone passes by,a visitor on the journey of life.

20’s ?  why ? we are still young, just out of college. sometimes in a job, or may be just outside,doing  nothing. Whats wrong about it ? Well, there is, the path is very narrow , tricky and yet there is a lot to explore. Being a girl in that phase it sounds fun,scary,emotional,sad and at the same time happy. Mixed emotion is what we go through. you are happy for the fact that you become independent and you can find your own ways to explore and discover the beautiful world, which is waiting at your doorsteps just for you. And sometimes you may be scared for the world is wide, there are lots to it, you meet different people, different culture, it may not be the same as yours, may be you end up in a complex situation, or may be your parents are trying to get you married to someone, or may be you and your boy friend is ready to move a step further and get married, or you are weeping for the  lost love, and finally when it comes to your job, you might not like it but the pay is really good, may be you like it but the living is in trouble because the pay is very less. One day you wake up and realise you are having  a great life, the other day you wont know why you are living in such a mess, you don’t know what is happening around you  while all the others , your friends are having a great life. There is a lot to worry and to be scared , if you have to but this just a phase and this shall pass.

The best part or fun is that you are still young, you can work it out anyhow,because

when you  fall and you will learn to stand,

when  you cry and you will learn to smile.

Patience is all we need. There is nothing wrong in exploring,live you life, but it is wise to think before you make your choices. And everyone goes through the same thing, it our perspective that changes our thought process about something. We might come across different people who might love us or hate us but nothing  should bother your inner self. Remember everything will fall in place, just like the princess in fairy tales. You will rule your own kingdom. There is something every girl should believe in , no matter who you are “Believe in yourself and you will win it, do not comprise on anything or anyone  which is not worthy of you. you are no less and be proud of your choices, and mistakes because they showed you the path to light when you were in darkness”.


Indeed, Tricky yet Young and Beautiful!!  

By the Sea.

     Well, it’s not always that you visit a new place. And my family is quite religious and most of the visit our actually kind of “spiritual tours”. That is when, around 3 weeks ago, I landed up in “Rameshwaram”. It was a road trip from Chennai. We started around  11-12  in the afternoon and we reached the hotel by 10pm. The next morning we visited the temple which was quite huge. And it was very beautifully sculpted, I mean temple these days are the master piece of ancient sculptors. After the visit, and small nap,  by evening, around 6 we set on a ride to explore the surrounding areas, “WE” which includes my brother and me drove on “The Pamban bridge” which was the longest bridge I have been and if i am not wrong it was about 1-2 km. It was one beautiful view, you could see small boats on the sea, the sun was almost immersed in the sea,the sky had orangish-pink tint. The thing is that I love photography, even the minute things which grabs my attention, i do try to capture the moment and in most of the cases i do not carry my camera, My bad though but my phone comes in handy and is my life saver always , and it was one such day. But, thanks to Iphone camera, it was not that bad. I kind of clicked multiple shots and left for the day.

The next morning which was also the last day in that place, we made quick visit to “Dhanushkodi”, we were told that, we couldn’t take the car, and so we got into jeep, it was 10-15 km if I am not wrong, the sky was beautiful has ever, although it showered like an hour before our ride. The jeep drove all the way through the middle of the sea, the water was clear, i could literally see the fish and stones underneath. We passed a small village to lonely atmosphere just the jeep, water and the sky. If one could imagine the India map, we were by the edge, in the sea of bay of Bengal,on the other side we have Srilanka. The path was not smooth, there was nothing except the sea, it was not a developed place, but it was a beautiful place and where the nature was at its best.Just the sky and the water. Pure bliss.And that adds to the trip to remember and a wonderful place to visit!

Following are the picture which I manged to capture during the visit,



Being a മലയാളി


“Malayalee ode aano da ninte kalli (are you trying to mess with a malayalee)” there it starts a true malayalee. A small state down south, which has the most beautiful places and backwaters, were the nature is at its best, and more commonly referred as the “GODS OWN COUNTRY”, and its truly one kind of that kind. Since, I have been brought up in another state, its only during my vacations that,I get to spend some time in my native. The place as such gives me some relief,the fresh air, the beauty of nature,  the backwaters those little lotus which floats on the water, you know its vacation time. Its only thing which excites me, in the whole year.When, I was a kid there was not a single time where, I  left the place without tears rolling down my cheeks.

Every human being is different but there is a some common factor which bonds them together, and Malayalee is no different. They all have their individuality, preferences and choices. By their taste and behaviour one can easily identify a Malayalee. Personally, I feel the men and women are really bold and strong. From a man in the streets to a head of a company he/she has a very bold stand in everything.I believe, the right to freedom and expression is predominantly used in this state.  Every decision/statement made in public will surely have the consequences and that can be on a positive or negative note. And “Harthal” is a common word that you come across in your daily life. That one day when the whole place comes to a Halt. It’s not easy to satisfy a Malayalee whether it’s in the entertainment field or in the case of food or politically. When you gain an appreciation from a Malayalee for your work then you are sure to shine anywhere and everywhere. Irony is that, this state which has the highest literacy rate has most of the people moving out for jobs. And when they move out,the state becomes a holiday spot and no more a place were they could survive for living..

I am always fascinated by the temples. There is always this positive vibe you get when you are inside the temple. And Kerala has some beautiful temples, and some festive and traditions which they follow. The “Thrissur Pooram” and “Armulla Vallamkalli” ( boat racing) is one such thing were I have been longing to go. The “Kathakalli” are the age-old peculiar and unique art forms that one can find in Kerala which are still followed.

FOOD ?  oh yes. No beef ban can stop any Malayalee from having their favourite “Parotta and Beef Olathiyadhe”, although,I am not a great fan of beef , its interesting to watch people go crazy over these things. When its food, functions or weddings  are incomplete without the  “sadhya” and the satisfaction which you get from that is inevitable. The best taste is in the streets. Trust me.

And yes, are you a Lalettan or Mammooka fan ? if you are a Malayalee, you can be put under one of these categorise.  These two superstar who have been ruling the film industry for more than 20 years. Talent is the key. The Malayalam film industry which is comparatively the smallest in the case of budget is one where people have seen the enormous talents and Movies. The term “mimicry” or enacting another person is the most popular thing,ypu could find. When people enact the other person who sits right in front of you,  they are not annoyed, but instead they laugh and consider it has a talent.I think that is the best and healthy way to appreciate ones talent. And in events like these I also find  two leaders from opposite political parties coming together and spending some time with each other which I have not seen in any other state.

A Malayalee is different in many ways in their thought process,taste and preference. There is at least one Malayalee in every country in every work place. There is a lot more than a white saree with golden border or white dhothi and shirt. You just can’t imitate a Malalyalee. It’s about being a മലയാളി. Being brought up in another state I  am not a true Malayalee, in all the aspects. But, I am a മലയാളി and that matters !!

The lost innocence

“Paapa, Don’t go outside, there is a snake” says a mother to her 4-year-old kid, who runs towards the sand. 

Ghost ? I wondered.

And I realised it was the little sand area which was referred has a ghost to the kid. Irony.

Back then, when I was around his age, I remember,  i use to build  sand castles, make rice and curry using sand. And of-course I serve them too, usually it would be to my friends or someone, who knows it all.  A major part of my childhood days were spend playing with the sand, and now they term  it “snakes” “dirt” and “ghost” in order to avoid their kid from playing.

Now things have changed. Earlier when it comes to games, it’s usually outside on the streets.While,it’s not the same here, we have “indoor” and “outdoor” games. And when  you tend to notice the “outdoor games”,  they are not playing for fun, it’s about being someone in the near future, who knows they might be the next sania or dhoni, and these are mere practice session timed 1 hour a day, with 2 litres of water. 

Today when I look around and observe the changes ,I am actually  thankful for I was born when sand were “sand” and not snakes. I am happy that , I walked through the fields in my hometown. Ran a mile on  watching a dog following me, later walked back home with blood and sand on my knees, the scar of “victory”.  And Cried a bit loud. Laughed bit hard. That  was beautiful, there was that little joy and innocence of the child.

 It’s not the same anymore, we live in a society of technological advancement, who knows I may have to use the same ghost story. But now when a 16-year-old kid walks the ramp and a 10-year-old becomes a celebrity with his / her  videos and selfies. I think it’s a way too much of burden in those tiny little heads and in the end of the day in the process the kid  has lost the innocence or the happiness the tiny things would bring.

Mother nature is beautiful in its own way . Nothing can replace it. And childhood is the best time to experience it. I Hope we have something left for the future at least to show them.