Few Good Souls.

“Terrorist attack, 3 soldiers dead” this is just a routine headlines in newspapers and television screens now a days. We read it just like another story and we ignore. Of-course we cannot do anything. But thanks to them since we are alive to read their stories in some newspapers with a coffee mug. We are busy with life, to make money, to raise the standard of living,very protective about family and children, and these news are just random headline  which happened somewhere to someone,after all  why should we bother ? But the point is why should they ? If these Jawans or the officers of the army  had the same mind-set like some of us, “Why bother ?” I am sure,we would have been in a coffin by now, or burnt alive.

I don’t know if it’s the movie which I saw, but i think being in the army,serving the country is the noblest think one can do. To be very honest i am not a generous person, i think 101 times to give away thing which i own, even the little things it matter a lot to me. So for a person like me serving the country, being in life or death situation always, is like great.salute to them.I do not know anyone who actually works in an Indian army, but if at all if i come across one person i would like to ask ” How is it possible for you, to not be selfish” ?

This world is becoming worse each and every day,minute and second, with the amount of crimes against women or anything for that matter , killings, Globalisation, the political front everything. We are slowly moving into a dark age. And if there is anything good about this world is these good human beings or people like them who work selflessly for a better world of peace and prosperity.  I bow down with respect to you all, for keeping us alive.

Thank you.



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