Tricky yet Young!

How old are you ? Well, it is not a common question unless it serves a purpose normally for admissions, or just general forms which we fill to get something, may be a voters ID, or to join some vocational classes which has age limits.Age is a crucial factor in our lives, sometimes we do miss somethings in our lives,may be we are too late when we realise, just like some grandparents who would like to have some thing sweet or may be just to go on an  adventure,age becomes a barrier. Likewise mid -20 is very an interesting phase which everyone passes by,a visitor on the journey of life.

20’s ?  why ? we are still young, just out of college. sometimes in a job, or may be just outside,doing  nothing. Whats wrong about it ? Well, there is, the path is very narrow , tricky and yet there is a lot to explore. Being a girl in that phase it sounds fun,scary,emotional,sad and at the same time happy. Mixed emotion is what we go through. you are happy for the fact that you become independent and you can find your own ways to explore and discover the beautiful world, which is waiting at your doorsteps just for you. And sometimes you may be scared for the world is wide, there are lots to it, you meet different people, different culture, it may not be the same as yours, may be you end up in a complex situation, or may be your parents are trying to get you married to someone, or may be you and your boy friend is ready to move a step further and get married, or you are weeping for the  lost love, and finally when it comes to your job, you might not like it but the pay is really good, may be you like it but the living is in trouble because the pay is very less. One day you wake up and realise you are having  a great life, the other day you wont know why you are living in such a mess, you don’t know what is happening around you  while all the others , your friends are having a great life. There is a lot to worry and to be scared , if you have to but this just a phase and this shall pass.

The best part or fun is that you are still young, you can work it out anyhow,because

when you  fall and you will learn to stand,

when  you cry and you will learn to smile.

Patience is all we need. There is nothing wrong in exploring,live you life, but it is wise to think before you make your choices. And everyone goes through the same thing, it our perspective that changes our thought process about something. We might come across different people who might love us or hate us but nothing  should bother your inner self. Remember everything will fall in place, just like the princess in fairy tales. You will rule your own kingdom. There is something every girl should believe in , no matter who you are “Believe in yourself and you will win it, do not comprise on anything or anyone  which is not worthy of you. you are no less and be proud of your choices, and mistakes because they showed you the path to light when you were in darkness”.


Indeed, Tricky yet Young and Beautiful!!  


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