By the Sea.

     Well, it’s not always that you visit a new place. And my family is quite religious and most of the visit our actually kind of “spiritual tours”. That is when, around 3 weeks ago, I landed up in “Rameshwaram”. It was a road trip from Chennai. We started around  11-12  in the afternoon and we reached the hotel by 10pm. The next morning we visited the temple which was quite huge. And it was very beautifully sculpted, I mean temple these days are the master piece of ancient sculptors. After the visit, and small nap,  by evening, around 6 we set on a ride to explore the surrounding areas, “WE” which includes my brother and me drove on “The Pamban bridge” which was the longest bridge I have been and if i am not wrong it was about 1-2 km. It was one beautiful view, you could see small boats on the sea, the sun was almost immersed in the sea,the sky had orangish-pink tint. The thing is that I love photography, even the minute things which grabs my attention, i do try to capture the moment and in most of the cases i do not carry my camera, My bad though but my phone comes in handy and is my life saver always , and it was one such day. But, thanks to Iphone camera, it was not that bad. I kind of clicked multiple shots and left for the day.

The next morning which was also the last day in that place, we made quick visit to “Dhanushkodi”, we were told that, we couldn’t take the car, and so we got into jeep, it was 10-15 km if I am not wrong, the sky was beautiful has ever, although it showered like an hour before our ride. The jeep drove all the way through the middle of the sea, the water was clear, i could literally see the fish and stones underneath. We passed a small village to lonely atmosphere just the jeep, water and the sky. If one could imagine the India map, we were by the edge, in the sea of bay of Bengal,on the other side we have Srilanka. The path was not smooth, there was nothing except the sea, it was not a developed place, but it was a beautiful place and where the nature was at its best.Just the sky and the water. Pure bliss.And that adds to the trip to remember and a wonderful place to visit!

Following are the picture which I manged to capture during the visit,




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