Being a മലയാളി


“Malayalee ode aano da ninte kalli (are you trying to mess with a malayalee)” there it starts a true malayalee. A small state down south, which has the most beautiful places and backwaters, were the nature is at its best, and more commonly referred as the “GODS OWN COUNTRY”, and its truly one kind of that kind. Since, I have been brought up in another state, its only during my vacations that,I get to spend some time in my native. The place as such gives me some relief,the fresh air, the beauty of nature,  the backwaters those little lotus which floats on the water, you know its vacation time. Its only thing which excites me, in the whole year.When, I was a kid there was not a single time where, I  left the place without tears rolling down my cheeks.

Every human being is different but there is a some common factor which bonds them together, and Malayalee is no different. They all have their individuality, preferences and choices. By their taste and behaviour one can easily identify a Malayalee. Personally, I feel the men and women are really bold and strong. From a man in the streets to a head of a company he/she has a very bold stand in everything.I believe, the right to freedom and expression is predominantly used in this state.  Every decision/statement made in public will surely have the consequences and that can be on a positive or negative note. And “Harthal” is a common word that you come across in your daily life. That one day when the whole place comes to a Halt. It’s not easy to satisfy a Malayalee whether it’s in the entertainment field or in the case of food or politically. When you gain an appreciation from a Malayalee for your work then you are sure to shine anywhere and everywhere. Irony is that, this state which has the highest literacy rate has most of the people moving out for jobs. And when they move out,the state becomes a holiday spot and no more a place were they could survive for living..

I am always fascinated by the temples. There is always this positive vibe you get when you are inside the temple. And Kerala has some beautiful temples, and some festive and traditions which they follow. The “Thrissur Pooram” and “Armulla Vallamkalli” ( boat racing) is one such thing were I have been longing to go. The “Kathakalli” are the age-old peculiar and unique art forms that one can find in Kerala which are still followed.

FOOD ?  oh yes. No beef ban can stop any Malayalee from having their favourite “Parotta and Beef Olathiyadhe”, although,I am not a great fan of beef , its interesting to watch people go crazy over these things. When its food, functions or weddings  are incomplete without the  “sadhya” and the satisfaction which you get from that is inevitable. The best taste is in the streets. Trust me.

And yes, are you a Lalettan or Mammooka fan ? if you are a Malayalee, you can be put under one of these categorise.  These two superstar who have been ruling the film industry for more than 20 years. Talent is the key. The Malayalam film industry which is comparatively the smallest in the case of budget is one where people have seen the enormous talents and Movies. The term “mimicry” or enacting another person is the most popular thing,ypu could find. When people enact the other person who sits right in front of you,  they are not annoyed, but instead they laugh and consider it has a talent.I think that is the best and healthy way to appreciate ones talent. And in events like these I also find  two leaders from opposite political parties coming together and spending some time with each other which I have not seen in any other state.

A Malayalee is different in many ways in their thought process,taste and preference. There is at least one Malayalee in every country in every work place. There is a lot more than a white saree with golden border or white dhothi and shirt. You just can’t imitate a Malalyalee. It’s about being a മലയാളി. Being brought up in another state I  am not a true Malayalee, in all the aspects. But, I am a മലയാളി and that matters !!


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