The lost innocence

“Paapa, Don’t go outside, there is a snake” says a mother to her 4-year-old kid, who runs towards the sand. 

Ghost ? I wondered.

And I realised it was the little sand area which was referred has a ghost to the kid. Irony.

Back then, when I was around his age, I remember,  i use to build  sand castles, make rice and curry using sand. And of-course I serve them too, usually it would be to my friends or someone, who knows it all.  A major part of my childhood days were spend playing with the sand, and now they term  it “snakes” “dirt” and “ghost” in order to avoid their kid from playing.

Now things have changed. Earlier when it comes to games, it’s usually outside on the streets.While,it’s not the same here, we have “indoor” and “outdoor” games. And when  you tend to notice the “outdoor games”,  they are not playing for fun, it’s about being someone in the near future, who knows they might be the next sania or dhoni, and these are mere practice session timed 1 hour a day, with 2 litres of water. 

Today when I look around and observe the changes ,I am actually  thankful for I was born when sand were “sand” and not snakes. I am happy that , I walked through the fields in my hometown. Ran a mile on  watching a dog following me, later walked back home with blood and sand on my knees, the scar of “victory”.  And Cried a bit loud. Laughed bit hard. That  was beautiful, there was that little joy and innocence of the child.

 It’s not the same anymore, we live in a society of technological advancement, who knows I may have to use the same ghost story. But now when a 16-year-old kid walks the ramp and a 10-year-old becomes a celebrity with his / her  videos and selfies. I think it’s a way too much of burden in those tiny little heads and in the end of the day in the process the kid  has lost the innocence or the happiness the tiny things would bring.

Mother nature is beautiful in its own way . Nothing can replace it. And childhood is the best time to experience it. I Hope we have something left for the future at least to show them.



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